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A.N. Original Jewelry is handmade artisan jewelry with a true style of its own. Crafted from sterling silver, 14K gold, brass and high quality semi-precious gemstones and pearls, A.N. Original is a line that strives to be unique, edgy and elegant without focusing on trends... like the A.N. behind it Ashley Nizolek.

Hailing from beautiful Saratoga Springs in Upstate New York, Ashley is a recent graduate of FIT (The Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York City. Much like the two places she has lived, Saratoga and NYC, Ashley and her work are an amalgam of simplicity and sophistication. The goal of A.N. Original is to make unique timeless pieces that are wearable and lovely.

Ashley started her own business straight out of college. Her entrepreneurial spirit is in support of her work. With a strong desire to commit and follow her muse, Ashley was more comfortable with her success riding on her own hard work and talent than working for someone else. Ashley didn't need to take time being mentored by another designer, working on their vision and trying to find her voice. She has her own vision and lets it guide her. This could be seen as a very brave move but to Ashley it is just what she felt she had to do. Seeing her body of work, it is clear she is at the start of an incredible journey and an inspirational career.

"I usually can imagine the piece of jewelry on a person before I've even touched the metal."

Ashley's great love of fashion led her towards the world of jewelry. It became an obsession for her in her later teen years. Some of the words she uses to describe some of her favorite designers like, "effortlessly cool," for Marc Jacobs and, "unsurpassed elegance," for Badgley Mishka, could be used to describe her work.

"My whole mantra when it comes to designing is never to over design. I want things to feel simplistic and graceful and not have things all over the place. And while I want things to be elegant, I don't want them to be dressy. I love the idea of versatile pieces of jewelry and my goal is to create pieces that can transition from a t-shirt and jeans to a flirty cocktail dress."

Ashley worked to build a loyal customer base and her customers include all types of people. There is no typical A.N. Original fan; it's a very eclectic group.

"My goal is to appeal to everyone. A lot of my customers appreciate the clean lines and wear ability of my work. One customer has described my jewelry as "simplistic elegance with an edge".

That customer is absolutely right. Deceptively simple, Ashley's designs take their main inspiration from nature, the world around her and simplistic geometric shapes which are transformed by her distinctive vision and deft hand into gentle abstractions that are at once familiar yet totally original. Like symbols or talismans, they seem to be imbued with such substance and power and say so much without uttering a word. All pieces are hand crafted with love and with great attention to detail and design aesthetic.

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