Paradise Island Ring // New Lander Turquoise & Silver // US Size 7

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Textured sterling wire was hand formed to hug the bezel that sets this New Lander Variscite (also sometimes called New Lander Turquoise) in place. Two tiny Brass pebbles provide decorative accents, more texture and a flash of golden color. The stunning pale blue with subtle flecks of green Variscite is set off by the black spiderweb matrix and becomes a little island of paradise in the center of this unique statement ring. Half round sterling silver ring band.

- New Lander Turquoise (Variscite), Sterling Silver and Brass.

- Face measures 7/8" high and 3/4" wide.

- Silver & Brass accents

- Size 7 (cannot be sized)

- Milky Pale Blue, Greens and Black Spider Web Matrix (sometimes described as "Milky Way")

- One of a Kind

Every piece of A.N. Original Jewelry is crafted with care and handmade from the ground up in my studio in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate NY. Shaped, soldered and polished with my own two hands. We source our stones from small independent stone artisans whenever possible.

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